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S  A  R  A  H    Y  E  O

L I S T E N   A N D    D O W N L O A D  

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Falling Down - SINGLE - 2021

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Losing Track of the Days - SINGLE 2021

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Constant Craving Cover SINGLE - 2021

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That was Then -  Album - 2018 

Safe EP - 2019

This is Now - Album - 2020

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"An artist that is evolving and raising the bar at the same time. Amazing Vocals"
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Maverick Magazine Dec 2019

     L A T E S T   N E W S  

N E W   M U S I C 


A new track written and produced by Sarah Yeo.
'Feel good uplifting summery vibe'.
losing track CD cover.jpg

Falling Down
(20 years 9/11 Remembrance)

falling down CD cover.jpg
Written in 2008 after watching one of the compelling documentaries that followed the World Trade Centre Disaster in New York City. Sarah felt now was the right time to share this song with her audience with 2021 marking 20 years.

" Incredible Songwriting"
Simon Birds - ARC Radio

" Simply Stunning "
Charlotte Elizabeth - Halo Creative

S H O W S 


W E S T  C O U N T R Y  S E S S I O N S 

An Exciting New Regular Music Night For Exeter!

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west country sessions poster final.jpg

It was During a Live Streaming event with the BCMA recently that I began to think of starting up a Music Night in Exeter. We were discussing how there is a real lack of Country Music Gigs in Devon, and how it is a shame that myself and all the other fantastic acts on the UK scene have hardly any venues to play in the South West. So it all happened really quickly, before someone could change my mind.. I booked my local Village Hall in Broadclyst for 3 nights in 2021 and contacted artists that i had met via online streaming shows including Tennessee Twin, Adam Sweet, Bob Fitzgerald and luckily everyone jumped at the chance to be involved! A personal Highlight id perfoeming alongside Sarah Jory in October .. just Magical!
So here we have it, The West Country Sessions.. We are all so excited to connect to music lovers in Devon and bring our original music to Country Americana Fans in the South West of the UK. The Next Show will be a writers Round including Sam Shemmell, Andy Hughes, Charlotte Young and as always hosted by myself!


S O N G S  A N D   S T O R I E S  C O L L E C T I V E

Tennessee Twin - Donna Marie - Sarah Yeo

The popular weekly Lockdown Show goes LIVE!
Following the three's first show in 2021 at Gullivers Manchester, the Collective are teaming up again for a trip to Doncaster to the beautiful Thornhurst Manor.

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V I D E O  

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Maverick Magazine

" As the listener you are immediately Hooked!"

* * * *

RnR Magazine

" Silky Smooth vocals, Plenty to tickle the ear"

Broke Away EP - 2014

C O U N T R Y - F O L K - S I N G E R  S O N G W R I T E R

* * * *

Maverick Magazine

" As the listener you are immediately Hooked!"

* * * *

RnR Magazine

" Silky Smooth vocals, Plenty to tickle the ear"