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"An artist that is evolving and raising the bar at the same time. Amazing Vocals"

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Maverick Magazine Dec 2019

     L A T E S T   N E W S  

 Well what a year 2020 was.. looking back it was the start of all kinds of new adventures for me!

Myself and two UK acts happened upon an idea to start a live stream one Sunday afternoon in April.

the three of us,  Donna Marie and Tennesse Twin and I formed

The Songs and Stories Collective ! What a fun Ride it was, We decided to end our 16 show run in March as we all try to get ready to venture back out in to our Live Gigs in Venues.

Through these connections my music career has taken some unexpected turns and I've beaten my technophobia by performing Solo shows online, Taking part in online festivals and I am now quite happily recording my own music at home! I've started producing jingles for radio stations and I'm embarking on my first producing job for fellow Devonian Singer/Songwriter. I feel now that the possibilities are endless.In what could have been a very tough time, though full of uncertainties, it was one of the most enjoyable challenging exciting years of my life!

The Start of 2021 began with me Randomly recording a track that I used to Love in the early 1990's

I took influences from music I have been listening to recently, by Katie Pruitt, Luke Sital Singh, Ruthie Collins amongst others. Its was such an enjoyable process and its a extension of my production skills learned during lockdown. Constant Craving is out NOW and has been given the thumbs up by

KD Lang herself ! Such a great thrill as you can imagine! I hope you all enjoy it!

I hope to see you out there again, as soon as we can get back out to those wonderful music venues.

Until then Take care ! X


G I G   N E W S

W E S T  C O U N T R Y  S E S S I O N S 

west country sessions poster final.jpg

An Exciting New Regular Music Night For Exeter!

It was During a Live Streaming event with the BCMA recently that I began to think of starting up a Music Night in Exeter. We were discussing how there is a real lack of Country Music Gigs in Devon, and how it is a shame that myself and all the other fantastic acts on the UK scene have hardly any venues to play in the South West. So it all happened really quickly, before someone could change my mind.. I booked my local Village Hall in Broadclyst for 3 nights in 2021 and contacted some of the artists I'd met via the live streaming events in lockdown, and luckily everyone jumped at the chance to be involved!

So here we have it, The West Country Sessions.. We are all so excited to connect to music lovers in Devon and bring our original music to Country Americana Fans in the South West of the UK. 

I will be Hosting each show and Singing a selection of my songs then I will introduce our guest artists one each side of the interval and we will round off the evening with a song or two together!

So Click the Poster here to take you to the Ticket Booking Site, and we will see you all there!

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