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"An artist that is evolving and raising the bar at the same time. Amazing Vocals"

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Maverick Magazine Dec 2019

     NEWS ! 

 Well what a year 2020 was.. looking back it was the start of all kinds of new adventures for me!

Myself and two UK acts happened upon an idea to start a live stream one Sunday afternoon in April.

the three of us,  Donna Marie and Tennesse Twin and I formed

The Songs and Stories Collective !

Our initial one show flowed in to fourteen weeks for our first series..and evolved by introducing very special guests including Peter Donegan and Cheley Tackett and asking the audience to vote for a weekly theme!

We realised not only were we attracting a large appreciative audience, some of who were isolating but were were like minded people and the show was helping us all through this time with laughter and music!

We released a cover of the wonderful Lori McKenna song Humble and Kind.

Through this connection my music career has taken some unexpected turns and I've beaten my technophobia by performing four Solo shows online, Taking part in festivals and I am now quite happily recording my own music at home! I've started producing jingles for radio stations and I'm embarking on my first producing job for fellow Devonian Singer/Songwriter. I feel now that the possibilities are endless and what started off as a disappointing year full of uncertainties, it was one of the most enjoyable challenging exciting years of my life!

The Start of 2021 began with me Randomly recording a track that I used to Love in the early 1990's

I took influences from music I have been listening to recently, by Katie Pruitt, Luke Sital Singh, Ruthie Collins amongst others. Its was such an enjoyable process and its a extension of my production skills learned during lockdown. Constant Craving is out NOW. I hope you all enjoy it!

I hope to see you out there again, as soon as we can get back out to those wonderful music venues.

Until then Take care ! X


Songs and Stories Collective is Back!

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